Vaishali Travels & Tours Pvt Ltd stands out from the sea of Travel and Tour companies in Nepal. We have been providing authentic and top quality service to our valued clients since 2010. At Vaishali, we always aspire to serve our clients with curated and memorable experiences. Our tours with pre-made or tailor-made itineraries, coupled with responsible travelling and expert local guides makes for an unparalled service for tour in Nepal.

Vaishali Travels and Tours is proud to offer such high quality service at very reasonable prices. There are no hidden costs and catches as we provide our service in a fair and transparent way. We aim to provide you with a genuine cultural exchange experience on our cultural and religious pilgrimage tours, the chance to fully immerse yourself with nature on our jungle safari and loads of excitement on the Heli tours.

Another important aspect of travelling for us is eco-tourism, a responsible way to travelling that also helps with the sustainable development of local communities and preservation of Nature. The most important priority for us at the end of the day, is safety after all. For the safety and security of our clients and staff, we have emergency communication and rescue services as well as first aid and crisis management training.

Our warm hospitality and professional service, coupled with the memorable experiences we provide and the value for money of our trips; there is no doubt that Vaishali Travels and Tours is one of the best choices you can make for Tour in Nepal.

Why Vaishali Travels and Tours?

Run By Experts

Vaishali Travels offers you the foresight of experts who have been working for years in their respective fields. Our team consists of passionate and responsible individuals which has led to Vaishali being a household name in Nepal’s tourism industry. Our guides are well informed about all necessities including local communities and their beliefs and lifestyle thanks to personal and professional experience in the sector. Our management and travel planning team is just as competent, providing you with some of the best service in the industry.

80% Repeated Customers

A further testament to our authentic and top quality service is our 80% repeat customers. Our loyal customer base are fully satisfied and always eager to return to Nepal. We offer readymade packages as well as tailor made itineraries, customized to fit your needs. Our friendly and casual interactions with clients, paired with an appropriate level of professionalism is doubt an integral part of our service.

Eco Friendly Tourism

Eco Friendly Tourism is the sustainable form of tourism, where you travel to pristine and well preserved locations and enjoy the natural grandeur while also helping out the local communities. As an Eco Friendly travel company, protecting the natural beauty, resources and environment is always a priority for us. This is why we always maintain a sense of responsibility on our tours as well. Vaishali Travels is proud to have played a part in making Eco Friendly and sustainable tourism a mainstream concept in Nepal’s tourism industry.